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* Director: Mauro Birattari
* Director: Mauro Birattari
* Webpage:
* Webpage:
== Online tool for comparing swarm robotics algorithms in the browser ==
* Supervisor: Andreagiovanni Reina
* Director: Marco Dorigo
* Webpage:

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New projects can be added to the list at any time. Please visit this page for updates.


Simulate the Sphero RVR in ARGoS3

The DEMIURGE: a framework for the automatic modular design of robot swarms

Interactive RGB environment for experiments with robot swarms

Web applet for designing and simulating collective behaviors for robot swarms

Automating Quality Control in Bibliography Management

Face recognition for updating the list of people participating in an event

Intuitive Interaction with Robot Swarms

Controlling Robot Swarms with ROS

Online tool for comparing swarm robotics algorithms in the browser

Conversion Tool and Compression of 3D Content Captured by Plenoptic Camera

Localization and Tracking of Plenoptic Camera

3D Point Cloud from Plenoptic Camera

Heterogenous Camera Array – Acquisition and Rectification

Simulation of Micro Lens Array for Plenoptic Camera

Projects proposed by Prof. Hugues Bersini — CoDE

Professor Bersini proposes a number of projects related with the current covid crisis and the smart campus initiative taking place at ULB this year:

  1. Software for automating the appointment scheduling for PCR testing.
  2. Software for automated detection of covid spatio-temporal clusters occuring in Brussels.
  3. A car sharing project for students coming at ULB from everywhere in Belgium.
  4. Software for counting the number of students present in an auditorium (first to be sure that this respects the anti-covid ULB rules) but beyond that, to have a better idea of the auditorium occupancy for a better dispatching of these auditorium to the courses.

Please contact Prof. Hugues Bersini for the details.

Projects proposed by Prof. Esteban Zimanyi — CoDE

Please visit the page: Please contact Prof. Esteban Zimanyi for the details.

Projects proposed by LISA-Image

Please visit the page:

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