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Image grabber test on the robot

Steps to make the camera work on a new distribution:

Here is what I did to grab an image:

1) flash the sd card with these images (no driver update needed): http://www.gctronic.com/doc/index.php/Overo_Extension#File_system_image

2) enable the camera using the following command: ~/scripts/gumstix-common# ./usbenable otg

after this you should see /dev/video1

3) grab the image using their script: ~/demos/gumstix-common# ./v4l2grab -d /dev/video1 -o image.jpg -f 1 -W 352 -H 288

It seems that there are three possible sources of problems: 1) some missing modules in the iridia distribution for the epuck. The correct images to start from are these (http://www.gctronic.com/doc/index.php/Overo_Extension#File_system_image).

2) No new driver needed, despite what was written on the gctronic wiki

3) the images are not in RGB but in YUV

Note that they suggested that to use a fully charged robot with both batteries on.

Compilation with Argos

You need to add the libraries in your user folder: