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!!!!!!! PARTY !!!!!!!

What are we gonna eat?

  1. Cotechino & Lenticchie (Lenticchie prepared by Vito, cotechino prepared by anyone). Ingredients:
    • lenticchie (Vito can buy in south italy ;-) ), celery, carots, onionsm, garlic, olive oil
    • cotechino
  2. Ciciri e tria (typical salentu dish prepared by Vito... someone already tried, but as Vito was drunk that time, he used a bit too much pepper... He promises he won't use pepper this time!). Ingredients can be bought by Vito in south Italy...
    • I don't believe that Vito will not drink. See below... --haiax 16:32, 14 December 2005 (CET)

What are we gonna drink?

  1. Negroni
    • Simple to prepare. We need: Campari, Gin, Red Martini.
      • The real problem is "how much"...

What are we gonna buy?

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