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Icon warning.png IMPORTANT: If you create a logo/graphic

  • KEEP THE SOURCE and make it public, by uploading it to the IRIDIA Repository. Otherwise it's lost when you'll leave the lab.
  • Every time you upload a new file (a new logo or a new revision of a existing one), MENTION IN THE DESCRIPTION the precise software and steps.
  • If you create a better version of some existing file, REPLACE IT by going to the page of the existing file and uploading a new revision.



The sources (SVG vector files) of the logos below can be found at:


IRIDIA Classic B/W version, simpler without the name of the ULB (PNG 300dpi). There is also a PDF version.
IRIDIA Classic B/W version, larger with the name of the ULB (PNG 300dpi). There is also a PDF version.

IRIDIA Modern B/W version (PNG 300dpi). There is also a PDF version.


CoDE logo large (JPG). There is also a PDF version.


The ULB has a gallery with many official logos without text and another gallery with logos with text in different positions. If you create a version that is not available there, please upload it saying how you created it (precise software and steps) and add it below.


The logos below should be the same as the current official logo of the FNRS.