Lab responsibilities

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MD = Marco Dorigo, TS = Thomas Stützle, MB = Mauro Birattari

Servers, infrastructures, and assets

Task Responsible Supervisor Comment
IRIDIA server maintenance Giovanni MB N/A
Development server maintenance Alessandro, Manuel MB N/A
Backup server maintenance Eliseo MB N/A
Cluster maintenance Jérémie, Manuele TS N/A
Wireless network Nithin, Romain TS N/A
Printers, scanner, fax Nithin MB N/A
Workshop Manuele MB N/A
Photo-Video Gabriele MB N/A
Management Coffee Room Vito TS N/A

Web sites, wiki pages, and mailing lists

Task Responsible Supervisor Comment
Web pages (CoDE/IRIDIA) Jérémie, Eliseo -> Eliseo, Vito TS N/A
Maintenance websites of completed projects Jérémie -> Carlo MD N/A
Swarm-bots web-page Eliseo -> Carlo MB N/A
Swarmanoid web-page Carlo MB N/A-
Swarmanoid wiki-page Vito MB N/A
ACO website maintenance Eric, Saifullah TS N/A
IRIDIA mailing lists Jérémie -> Tianjun, Eric TS N/A
ACO mailing list Eric, Renaud -> Eric, Tianjun TS N/A
Wiki support Alessandro, Sabrina MD N/A

Organization of conferences and events

Task Responsible Supervisor Comment
* * MB N/A

Support to new members and visitors

Task Responsible Supervisor Comment
Support, information Franco MB Answers to questions, help visitors, other minor things

Seminars and meetings

Task Responsible Supervisor Comment
IRIDIA Seminars Jérémie -> Tianjun, Sabrina MB N/A
Seminar Room Booking Tianjun, Sabrina TS N/A
Seminars (Technicals) Sabrina, Tianjun TS Set up seminar room
Seminars (Punctuality) Alexander, Manuel TS Make sure seminars start on time
Admin meeting Rehan MD N/A
Robotics meeting Ali MB N/A
Optimization meetings Manuel TS N/A

Library, technical reports, and supplementary pages

Task Responsible Supervisor Comment
IRIDIA Techreps Marco, Jérémie -> Marco, Tianjun MB N/A
Techrep covers (for non-latex users) Eric, Sabrina MB N/A
Supplementary pages Eliseo MB N/A

Robotics: hardware and software

Task Responsible Supervisors Comment
E-puck hardware Alexandre -> Carlo MB N/A
S-bot Rehan MB N/A
Swarmanoid simulator Carlo, Manuele MB N/A
Swarmanoid robots Nithin MB N/A
Robotics Lab Ali MB N/A
Tracking System Alessandro MB N/A


Task Responsible Supervisors Comment
Supervision Master students Arne, Giovanni MB N/A
Supervision Master students Eliseo, Ali MB N/A
Supervision TRAN-H-201 Eliseo, NEW MB N/A
INFO-H-414: ACO Eric, Sabrina MD N/A
INFO-H-414: PSO Marco MD N/A
INFO-H-414: Swarm Robotics Carlo, Manuele MD N/A