Lab responsibilities

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General responsibilities

Task Responsible Supervisor Comment
IRIDIA server maintenance Anders, (Alex) TS/MD/MB N/A
IRIDIA rack maintenance Max, (Rehan, Alex) MB N/A
Hardware purchases As Needed MD N/A
Weekly admin meeting Anders N/A N/A
IRIDIA Technical Report Series Marco, Prasanna MB N/A
Mac OS X support Max, Prasanna TS/MD/MB N/A
Windows support Amin, Utku TS/MD/MB N/A
Linux support Christophe, Anders TS/MD/MB N/A
Wiki support Alex MD N/A
Mailing list Max TS N/A
Web pages (CoDE/IRIDIA) Christos MD N/A
Backups Alex, Rehan MB N/A
Seminars Rehan MB N/A
ANTS 2006 web site Rehan MB N/A
Coffee Machine Fransisco, Shervin N/A N/A

Robotics group responsibilities

Task Responsible Supervisors Comment
Weekly robotics meeting Anders MD N/A
Swarm-bots/Swarmanoid web-page Christos MD N/A
S-bot hardware Rehan/all robotics people MD N/A
S-bot common interface Rehan/Anders MD N/A
S-bot demos Shervin MD N/A
Supervision of master students\\ working on e-pucks Alex/Shervin MB/MD N/A

Optimization group responsibilities

Task Responsible Supervisors Comment
ACO mailing list Prasanna, (Max) TS N/A
MEETOPT wiki page Prasanna TS N/A
ACO website maintenance Prasanna, Marco TS/MD N/A
MHN website maintenance Max MD N/A
COMP2SYS website maintenance Yann-Aël MD N/A