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| [https://twitter.com/IRIDIA_ULB Twitter account]
| [https://twitter.com/IRIDIA_ULB Twitter account]
| Alberto (+ Ken)
| Alberto
| MB
| MB
| Ken for the robotics topics; twitter linked to social@iridia.ulb.ac.be account
| twitter linked to social@iridia.ulb.ac.be account
| Databases
| Databases

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MD = Marco Dorigo, TS = Thomas Stützle, MB = Mauro Birattari

Servers, infrastructures, and assets

Task Responsible Supervisor Comment
IRIDIA server maintenance Volker MB N/A
Development server maintenance Lorenzo -> David MB N/A
Backup server maintenance Alberto (+Federico), Roman MB Manuel's role is to check that system works
Cluster maintenance Federico, Alberto TS N/A
Proceedings repository ??? MD N/A
Wireless network ??? MD N/A
Printers, scanner, fax ??? MD N/A
Workshop Next PhD student of Mauro MB N/A
Laser Cutter Ken -> Next PhD student of Mauro MD N/A
CAD Workstation Michael, DJ MD N/A
3D Printer Michael, DJ MD N/A
Photo-Video Marco MB N/A
Management Coffee Room Hayfa MD N/A
Reading material in Coffee Room Muriel MD N/A
Mac OS X support and Muriel's Mac ??? MD N/A

Web sites, wiki pages, and mailing lists

Task Responsible Supervisor Comment
Web pages (CoDE/IRIDIA) Alberto (+ David) MB, TS New website being developed
Twitter account Alberto MB twitter linked to social@iridia.ulb.ac.be account
Databases ??? MB N/A
Websites of completed projects and previous members ??? MD N/A
ACO website and mailing list Hayfa TS N/A
IRIDIA mailing lists Volker TS N/A
Optimization mailing list Hayfa TS N/A
Robotics mailing list Lorenzo MB N/A
Wiki support Alberto MD N/A
Dorigo's Web pages Volker MD N/A

Organization of conferences and editorial activities

Task Responsible Supervisor Comment
iThenticate - SI Marco MD N/A

Support to new members and visitors

Task Responsible Supervisor Comment
Assistance to visitors and new members Federico MB N/A

Seminars and meetings

Task Responsible Supervisor Comment
IRIDIA Seminars Leslie MB Write to seminars-owner@iridia.ulb.ac.be
Seminar Room Booking Muriel TS Write to seminars-owner@iridia.ulb.ac.be
Robotics meeting ??? MD N/A
Optimization meetings Hayfa TS N/A

Library, technical reports, and supplementary pages

Task Responsible Supervisor Comment
IRIDIA Technical Reports Marco MB Maintenance of website/database + techrep covers for non-latex users. Write to techrep@iridia.ulb.ac.be
Supplementary pages Lorenzo MB N/A

Robotics: hardware and software

Task Responsible Supervisors Comment
ARGoS Antoine MB N/A
Robotics Lab Antoine MB N/A
Tracking System Antoine MB N/A
E-puck hardware / Argos Antoine MB N/A
Foot-bot hardware Nithin MD N/A
Gripper hardware Nithin MD N/A
Kilogrid / kilobots Marco MD N/A


Task Responsible Supervisors Comment
Supervision of Master students As needed MB N/A
Admin PROJ-H-402 ??? MB N/A
INFO-H-413: Implementation exercises Federico TS N/A
INFO-H-414: ACO + PSO Hayfa, Christian MD N/A
INFO-H-414: Swarm Robotics Lorenzo, Antoine MD N/A
Workshop ARGoS Roman MB N/A