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In this page you can find instructions on how to use the new Iridia Supplementary Information page. Every person should transfer all the supplementary information (videos, images, pictures, graphs, etc.) in this page and for every paper that contains this kind of information, create an entry. The structure is as follows:

  • There is the page in which we keep record of all the papers containing supplementary information, with a link leading to a dedicated page containing this info.
  • Under /supp/ there are directories, one for each paper, containing all the media plus an index.html file

The procedure is the following: People should contact Eliseo Ferrante, who will create a directory under with the title IridiaSupp200x-00x, with the numbering according to the year of the paper and the rank it gets for that year. Papers will acquire an ascending number (first who asks for a number gets it). At the same time, the publication details of the paper should be provided to Eliseo and he will upload them to the SUPP page.

Once every user has her/his directory, (s)he should

  • create an index.html page which should contain ALL the information referred to in the paper. It can potentially include extra text. See for an excellent example by Max.
  • create a compressed file with all the supplementary information (images, videos, etc) in her/his directory, and USE LOCAL LINKS in hers/his index.html pages
  • give the compressed file to Eliseo

From now on ONLY this way of using supplementary information should be used. In case though, in old papers you have included links to pages e.g. in your own homepages or hosted on your machine, THEN, what should be done is the following:

  • once again produce the index.html page, can be a copy of your old cited page
  • copy all the files in the directory IridiaSupp200x-00x
  • REDIRECT YOUR OLD CITED PAGE TO THIS NEW ONE with sth like: <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=">

To add a streaming video, please use HTML5. The simple procedure is the following.

  • Add the tag <video src="video.ogg" controls="controls">Your browser does not support the video tag.</video>
  • Convert your avi to ogg with ffmpeg -i video.avi -acodec libvorbis -ac 1 -b 768k video.ogg
  • Place video.ogg in IridiaSupp200x-00x

In case you have any questions contact Eliseo.