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  • Full backup once a month (start of the month)
  • Differential backup for the rest of the month


  • servicebackup@iridia:/home/servicebackup/iridia_service_backup_system/
  • servicebackup@leibniz:/home/servicebackup/iridia_service_backup_system/
  • iridiaserver@fallopius:/home/iridiaserver/service_backup_dar/


  • Each service has its own directory containing four files:
    • <service>_suspend
    • <service>_resume
    • <service>_backup
    • <Service>_restore.
  • The idea is that to backup a service you run the scripts: suspend backup resume and to restore a service you run: suspend restore resume
  • The scripts and in the top level directory do this in turn for each service. Backup and restore functions, along with config in the form of environment variables lives in the file This gets included from each script.
  • If you are running the scripts standalone (not from, you must set environment variable SERVICE_BACKUP_SYSTEM_DIR.
    • e.g. export SERVICE_BACKUP_SYSTEM_DIR=/home/servicebackup/iridia_service_backup_system


  • Increase iridiaserver user quota on fallopius (to 250GB?) - Anders -- Done. I have removed the quota for user (use edquota)
  • Enhance backup scripts to delete data older than certain threshold - Rehan
  • Alex - Sort out security on backup scripts: mysql passwd
  • Put servicebackup@iridia:/home/servicebackup/iridia_service_backup_system/ into daily cron - Anders
  • Make script logging better, so we can see what happens when there is a failure (email alerts?) - Rehan / Alex
  • ssh times out on leibniz, interrupting restore - Anders -- Need more info on what goes wrong and when

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