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How to expand the storage on fallopius

  • You are the admin, right?
  • Login as root and shutdown the machine
  • Install the physical drives (currently, use only 1TB drives!). Turn on the machine.
  • Enter the RAID bios by pressing TAB
  • Enter the rsf menu and choose to expand the array (this operation took around 33 hours for 4Tb -> 6Tb expansion!!!)
  • Enter the vsf menu and choose to expand also the logical array (this operation took only around 1 hour for 4Tb -> 6Tb expansion)
  • Boot the system
  • umount /home/; umount /storage/volume0; umount /storage/volume1
  • Execute parted
  • Select /dev/sdb. From now on we assume that in the system there exist, so far, logical partitions /dev/sdb1, /dev/sdb2, ..., /dev/sdb(n-1)
  • Create a new partition, start at [old_size] (size before the RAID expansion), end at [new_size] (size after the RAID expansion). At the end of the process, the new partition is denoted as /dev/sdbn
  • pvcreate /dev/sdbn
  • vgextend users /dev/sdbn
  • lvextend /dev/mapper/users-bigvol /dev/sdbn
  • mount /storage/volume1
  • xfs_growfs /storage/volume1
  • mount /storage/volume0; mount /home/;
  • DONE!!!!