IRIDIA cluster installing cluster software

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This page contains information on installing clustering software such as the Sun Grid Engine and parallel programming middleware such as PVM and MPI.

Sun Grid Engine

The Sun Grid Engine can be installed from the backup or from scratch. Below are the instructions on installing it from a backup:

Copy the backed up tar.bz2 on majorana and untar it into /usr/local/sge. Add the following line to /etc/profile:

. /usr/local/sge/default/common/

and in /etc/csh.cshrc:

source /usr/local/sge/default/common/settings.csh

(All modifications done both on the master and on the clients -- TODO: HALVA WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THIS, WHICH MODIFICATIONS DO "ALL" REFER TO IN "ALL MODIFICATIONS" --- I know it should be easy, but I am still slightly confused?)

Added to /etc/services:

sge_commd	536/tcp	# Sun Grid Engine