How to configure login without password and distributed control

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login via ssh without password:

1) If there is no ~/.ssh/, do ssh-keygen -t rsa Note: press 3 times enter in order to have the empty password!

2) Attach the content of the file you generated (do not overwrite!) to the file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2

a script to start things in parallel on many s-bots:

1) make sure that you can access an sbot labeled with x, using ssh sbotx (see Halva's howto)

2) prepare a file with the s-bots you want to use:

cat hosts 16 19 26 27

3) each time you use the script, be sure that the file is up to date - if you start programs on s-bots which somebody else is using, there will be damage (e.g. s-bot 15?)

4) save the following to a file called cmd

#!/bin/sh if (( $# < 1 )) ; then echo "usage $0 command to send to the hosts listed in the hosts file" exit 1 fi for host in `cat hosts` ; do ssh root@sbot$host $@ & done

5) chmod 700 cmd

6) try it: ./cmd ls