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History (past work)

Conferences attended

Name Location Dates
Marie Curie Pisa, Italy 2005.08.22 to 2005.08.26

Summer schools

Name Location Dates
EURON Summer School on Neuro-science and Robotics Valencia, Spain 2005.09.19 to 2005.09.23


Name of the lab visited Location Dates

Paper published

Title Journal/Conference Download link Bibtex link

Papers submitted

Title Journal/Conference Download link Bibtex link
A. L. Christensen and M. Dorigo (2005) Evolvig an Integrated Hole-avoidance and Phototaxis Behavior for a Swarm-bot Alife X N/A N/A

Technical reports

Title Download link Download Bibtex
A. L. Christensen (2005) Efficient Neuro-evolution of Hole-avoidance and Phototaxis for a Swarm-bot (DEA thesis) N/A N/A

Contributions to the lab life

  • System administration
  • Security
  • Weekly administration meeting - organizing and chairing
  • Weekly robotics meeting - organizing and chairing
  • Robotics lab life: Development and support of the TwoDee simulator, which is used by an increasing number of researchers.

Holidays taken during the PhD studies

From To No of days Cumulative sum
Christmas 2004 Unknown N/A N/A
Easter 2005 Unknown N/A N/A