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History (past work)

Conferences attended

Name Location Dates
Marie Curie Pisa, Italy 2005.08.22 to 2005.08.26

Summer schools

Name Location Dates
EURON Summer School on Neuro-science and Robotics Valencia, Spain 2005.09.19 to 2005.09.23


Name of the lab visited Location Dates

Paper published

Title Journal/Conference Download link Bibtex link

Papers submitted

Title Journal/Conference Download link Bibtex link
A. L. Christensen and M. Dorigo (2005) Evolvig an Integrated Hole-avoidance and Phototaxis Behavior for a Swarm-bot Alife X N/A N/A

Technical reports

Title Download link Download Bibtex
A. L. Christensen (2005) Efficient Neuro-evolution of Hole-avoidance and Phototaxis for a Swarm-bot (DEA thesis) N/A N/A

Contributions to the lab life

  • System administration
  • Security
  • Weekly administration meeting - organizing and chairing
  • Weekly robotics meeting - organizing and chairing
  • Robotics lab life: Supporting TwoDee which is used by an increasing number of researchers.

Holidays taken during the PhD studies

From To No of days Cumulative sum
Christmas 2004 Unknown N/A N/A
Easter 2005 Unknown N/A N/A