Demiurge Writing Papers

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The bibliography

We have a private repository on github, where all references should be put together. All labels in the bibliography have to follow the labeling conventions.

If you notice any errors in the file, please do one of the following solutions:

  • If it is a small change (e.g. typo, incorrect use of special characters, wrong year of publication):
    • If you like (and know what to do), just fix the error, commit it and push it to the repository.
    • If you don't want to fix it (or don't know how to) you can still try the other solution.
  • If the first case didn't apply to this error:
    • Create an issue on github
    • Assign whoever created and/or last modified the entry
    • Describe what you think the error is (maybe it was done with a reason)
    • Wait for them to resolve the issue