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Concorde is a computer code for the traveling salesman problem (TSP) and some related network optimization problems. The code is available for academic research use; for other uses, contact for licensing options.

Concorde's TSP solver has been used to obtain the optimal solutions to all TSPLIB instances having up to 15,112 cities.

The Concorde ANSI C source code is distributed as a gzipped tar file and is available here

How to install on Mac OS X platform

To unpack, first gunzip the downloaded file, then use tar to unpack the archive:

$ gunzip co031219.tgz 
$ tar xvf co031219.tar 

Unpacking the distribution create a directory, "concorde", and several subdirectories. To configure, create a new directory called concorde_build, and run the configure script from inside there:

$ mkdir concorde_build
$ cd concorde_build
$ ../concorde/configure --host=i*-*-freebsd*

Then, you can compile concorde by using make:

 $ make

This builds the concorde library (concorde.a), header file (concorde.h), and several executable programs, including:

TSP/concorde the TSP solver
LINKERN/linkern the Lin-Kernighan TSP heuristic
EDGEGEN/edgegen generates edge sets
FMATCH/fmatch solves fractional 2-matching problems
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