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Personal Information

Name: Dhananjay Ipparthi

Date of arrival in Brussels: 08th February, 2012

Home address: Currently in a B&B

Telephone number: 0 483 382 207

Academic Activities

15th February, 2012

Literature Review

File:Review 20120215.pdf‎


  • Carlo has given me a mini project to work on to get me started on Argos. I am working on it.

Laboratory Activities

  • In the afternoon on Monday, I will take a look at the Footbots with Arne.
  • Alessandro and I have developed a rough plan for the setup of the camera network, we plan to start the execution this week.
  • Nithin and I have also initiated talks, and he wants to finalise a few issues before we continue.


  • Using nuclear fission or fusion models to create multiple agents, but the concern is that these models are unlike biological evolved systems and are not adaptive, versatile or agile.
  • Study the evolution of dicarboxylic acids

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