Arena time slots

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Reserve your arena time slots. Include your name, the number of sbots you need and any other comments useful for planning and coordination.

Date Before lunch After lunch

Monday 29th November

Tuesday 30th November

Test: christos(2 sbots)? + ? Test: Rodi/Halva (1-2 sbots) + CHRISTOS(2 sbots)

Wednesday 1st December

Test: Christos(2 sbots)? + ? Test: Rodi/Halva (1-2 sbots) +CHRISTOS(2 sbots)

Thursday 2nd December

Test: Christos(2 sbots)? + ? Test: Rodi (2 sbots) +CHRISTOS(2 sbots)

Friday 3rd December

Test: Christos(2 sbots)? + ? Test: Rodi (2 sbots) + CHRISTOS(2 sbots)

Monday 6th December

Tuesday 7th December

Wednesday 8th December

Thursday 9th December

Friday 10th December

Monday 13th December

Vito and Anders

Tuesday 14th December

Vito and Anders

Wednesday 15th December

Vito and Anders

Thursday 16th December

Vito and Anders

Friday 17th December

Vito and Anders

Monday 20th December

Tuesday 21st December

Wednesday 22nd December

Thursday 23rd December

Friday 24th December

Monday 27th December

Tuesday 28th December

Wednesday 29th December

Thursday 30th December

Friday 31st December

Monday 3rd January

Tuesday 4th January

Wednesday 5th January

Thursday 6th January

Friday 7th January

Monday 10th January

Vito and Anders

Tuesday 11th January

Vito and Anders

Wednesday 12th January

Vito and Anders

Thursday 13th January

Vito and Anders

Friday 14th January

Vito and Anders

Monday 17th January

Tuesday 18th January

Wednesday 19th January

Thursday 20th January

Friday 21st January