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1. Implement debugging state colouring - Anders

2. Change random parameters to get better ground coverage - Rehan

3. In chain has probability of disconnecting when (at front) or back - Rehan

4. Chains move around - (modified) random walk + search for chain

5. Better alignment at back of chain

6. Make sure sbot can approach chain of more than one sbot successfully

7. Fix distance at back of chain


Pattern formation in mobile actuator and sensor network
  • Example of real world robots using (pseudo) gps to form patterns using simple robots. Each robot is related positionally to leader who broadcasts his position.
Pattern formation and optimization in army ant raids
  • Example of functional pattern formation in the natural kindom. Mathematical modelling.
A general algorithm for robot formations using local sensing and minimal communication
  • Simulation and Real robots. Formations formed by keeping angle and distance from friend. Global communication of desired pattern paramters. Only local sensing. No global coordinates. Robots have pre-assigned id's and positions in formation.
Social patterns for scalable multi robot formations

Simulation study. Fixed formation. Not fixed positions within formation. Motor schema vector summation. Performance measures of different formations by crossing obstacle filled arena.

Cellular Robotic Systems
Self Organizing Robots and Kinetic Pattern Generation

Grid space. Rules to generate patterns. Generic algorithm to generate given pattern. Guaranteed to terminate.

Pattern formation in a swarm of self-assembling mobile robots.

Swarmbot project. Simulation only. Hexagonal grid world. Probabilistic assembly. Statistical analysis of structures formed. e.g. length of chains, frequency.

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  • Gradual spatial pattern formation of homogeneous robot group