Allocations de chomage

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So, if you satisfy these 2 conditions:

  • You ended up in this page (guess you did)
  • You did it because you searched it

then you are another lucky guy that is not payed anymore, because "regulations" do not allow it.

This page is meant to help you understand what is the process to follow in order to ask for the allocations de chomage

NOTICE that you can ask the allocation de chomage also if your grant is temporarily suspended (i.e., even if your contract is not ended yet).

In this page you can find:

Useful links

Some useful links and contacts:

  • CAPAC: the guys that will pay you
  • Madame Antonella Bacchiocchi can give you lots of information about the procedure for asking the allocations de chomage.
 Antonella Bacchiocchi - Département de l'Administration Financière  - DAF-Service des Traitements
 Tel. 32(0)2 6502358 - Fax 32(0)2 6504689 -

Procedure to follow

Last update: November 2011

The one described in the following is the procedure by which we asked the chomage. The information may be outdated, please be nice and correct/update the information if you know something has changed.

The steps to follow are:

  • To be granted the allocation de chomage, you must be "searching for employement". This means inscribing to ACTIRIS. You can do this the day your contract expires or one or two days before.
  • Before going to the office and ask for the allocations de chomage, you need to get the C4 document. You can ask to have it the day after the date in which your contract ended. The person you have to contact to get the C4 is Mme Delphine BRIOT.
  • When you have the C4 you need to go to an organism that pays you the allocations. It can be either be a sindicate, or the governamental organism. The CAPAC is the governamental organism, and the one we used. You have then to show up to this CAPAC office (address on website), with the C4, your Id card (belgian) and a proof that you are inscribed on ACTIRIS (? TODO: check what kind of proof is needed).