IRIDIA - Supplementary Information (ISSN: 2684-2041)

Supplementary material for the paper:

Hybrid Coordination for Swarm Construction

Yating Zheng, Michael Allwright, Weixu Zhu, Majd Kassawat, Zhangang Han, and Marco Dorigo (May 2020)

Table of Contents
  1. Abstract
  2. Videos
  3. References


In the related technical report to this supplementary material [1], we discuss and demonstrate an implementation of a swarm robotics construction system where the intelligence that coordinates the building process is distributed between the robots and the building material itself. Using simulation models based on the BuilderBot and Stigmergic Block hardware [2], we implement and validate the ideas in this report experimentally.


  • 1. Hardware Demo
  • 2. Dynamic Construction Paths
  • 3. Guided Construction (Standard Algorithm)
  • 4. Guided Construction (Hybrid Algorithm)
  • 5. Flexible Construction (Single Robot)
  • 6. Flexible Construction (Multi Robot)

  • Download all videos as a ZIP archive


1. Hybrid Coordination for Swarm Construction, Y. Zheng, M. Allwright, W. Zhu, M. Kassawat, Z. Han, M. Dorigo.
2. An Open-Source Multi-Robot Construction System, M. Allwright, W. Zhu, M. Dorigo.