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The Problem of Railroad Yards Operational Planning
Jodelson A. Sabino


This seminar gives an overview of the problem addressed in my PhD Thesis, a research on optimization methods for decision support in railroad yards operational planning, sponsored by the Employee Development Plan of CVRD - A worldwide brazilian diversified mining company. I will present some railroad yard terminology and its operations and an overview on the problem addressed, its particularities, previous researchs on related topics and the current plans for next steps. The problem addressed may be classified as an special case (due to its specific constraints) of a Multi Objective Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows and Capacity Constraints. The objetive of this talk is not (yet) to show how to solve the proposed problem. In fact, a solution method is known for this problem and we aim to share and review the problem from scratch, looking for improvements or even some other better approaches to solve it.


Optimization Methods, Pickup and Delivery Problem, Railroad Yard Planning


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