Gecco 2009

Track "Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence" at GECCO 2009

Swarm Intelligence (SI) deals with natural and artificial systems composed of a large number of individuals that generate collective behaviors using decentralized control and self-organization. These behaviors are a result of the local interactions of the individuals with each other and with their environment. SI algorithms are inspired by the behavior of social insects such as ants, bees, and wasps, as well as by that of other animal societies such as flocks of birds, or fish schools. Two popular swarm intelligence techniques for optimization are ant colony optimization (ACO) and particle swarm optimization (PSO). Other examples include algorithms for clustering and data mining inspired by ants' cemetery building behavior, or dynamic task allocation algorithms inspired by the behavior of wasp colonies.

Submissions of original and previously unpublished work in the following areas of ACO and, more in general, SI research are encouraged:

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