Gecco 2007

Track "Ant Colony Optimization, Swarm Intelligence, and Artificial Immune Systems" at GECCO 2007

Swarm Intelligence (SI) and Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) are computing techniques that take their inspiration from natural phenomena. SI algorithms are inspired by the behavior of social insects such as ants, bees, and wasps, as well as by that of other animal societies such as flocks of birds, or fish schools. Two popular swarm intelligence techniques for optimization are ant colony optimization (ACO) and particle swarm optimization (PSO). Other examples include algorithms for clustering and data mining inspired by ants' cemetery building behavior, or dynamic task allocation algorithms inspired by the behavior of wasp colonies.

AIS techniques take inspiration of different immunological mechanisms in vertebrates in order to solve computational problems. Various aspects of these mechanisms have been used to develop algorithms for distributed and adaptive control, machine learning, pattern recognition, fault detection, computer security, optimization, and distributed system design.

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