IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation

Special Issue on

Ant Algorithms and Swarm Intelligence


The behavior of social insects in general, and of ants living in colonies in particular, has fascinated researchers in ethology and animal behavior for a long time. Many models have been proposed to explain their capabilities.

Recently, ant algorithms and swarm intelligence systems have been offered as a novel computational approach that replaces the traditional emphasis on control, preprogramming, and centralization with designs featuring autonomy, emergence, and distributed functioning. These designs are proving flexible and robust, able to adapt quickly to changing environments and to continue functioning even when individual elements fail.

The special issue will be dedicated to the publication of original research results on ant algorithms and, more generally, on swarm intelligence. Papers that prove new theoretical results on ant algorithms and swarm intelligence systems behavior, or that describe their successful applications to real-world problems are particularly welcome.


All researchers are invited to submit their work for consideration. Selected researchers taking part in ``ANTS'2000 - From Ant Colonies to Artificial Ants: Second International Workshop on Ant Colony Optimization'' will be invited to submit a significantly extended version of their workshop contribution for consideration in the special issue.

The deadline for submissions to the special issue has been extended to the 15th of February, 2001.

Electronic submission (in pdf or postscript format) is strongly encouraged. Only when electronic submision is not possible papers can be submitted by regular mail. Submitted papers should be in the IEEE TEC submission format and must be emailed to, or, in case of submission by regular mail, one copy should be sent to

Marco Dorigo
Avenue F. Roosevelt 50
B-1050 Brussels

and six copies to

Luca Gambardella
Galleria 2
CH-6928 Manno-Lugano

The information contained in this page is also available in pdf-format: IEEE-TEC-SI-Ants.pdf.

Guest editors

Marco Dorigo IRIDIA, ULB, Belgium
Luca Maria Gambardella IDSIA, Lugano, Switzerland
Martin Middendorf Universität Karlsruhe, Germany
Thomas Stützle Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany