Student projects PROJ‑H‑402

Please read carefully the rules of PROJ-H-402

Graphical interface for C-Human

C-Human is a manual method for designing control software of robot swarms. With this method, the human designer is constrained to create control software as finite state machine. Additionally, the designer is constrained to use preexisting parametric modules that represents atomic behaviors. In other words, with C-Human a human designer is implementing control software by manipulating modules rather than writing C++ source code.

The goal of this project is to provide C-Human an intuitive web-based graphical interface that allows designers to manipulate and parametrize these modules efficiently./p>

Requirements: Good knowledge of Web based technologies (html, css, js)

Working language: English

Contact: Antoine Ligot, Ken Hasselmann, and Mauro Birattari

Robot swarm state analysis tool

AutoMoDe is a modular approach to the automatic design of control software for robot swarms recently developed at IRIDIA. AutoMoDe produces control software by combining preexisting parametric modules that represent atomic behaviors. The resulting control software is a finite state machine in which each node is an atomic behavior.

All robots composing the swarm are controlled by a unique finite state machine, but due to contingencies robots are likely to be in different atomic behaviors at a given time. The goal of this project is to keep track of the successive nodes of the finite state machine visited by each robot.

The student will have to provide an intuitive graphical tool to display the states of each robot within the swarm in the form of time lines.

Requirements: Good knowledge of C++ and QT libraries

Working language: English

Contact: Antoine Ligot, and Mauro Birattari

Visualization tool for AutoMoDe

AutoMoDe is an automatic design method for generating control software for robot swarms. It combines predefined modules into different control architectures, such as finite state machines or behavior trees.

The goal of this project is to create an intuitive visualization tool for AutoMoDe, that allows visualization and manipulation of the generated control software as well as the manual design of control software within the modular framework.

Requirements: Good knowledge of C++ and an interest in computational visualization and human machine interaction

Working language: English

Contact: Jonas Kuckling and Mauro Birattari

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