Technical Slides on the Reversal between Physics and Psychology

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Comp ⇒ Reversal Phys/Psych Kripke Semantics
of the Aristotelian Square
Arithmetical Darwinism The Map of the Territory
[Comp ⇒ Reversal Phys/Psych] [Kripke Semantics of the Aristotelian Square] [Arithmetical Darwinism] [The Map of the Territory]
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The Main Morphisms Peano and Heyting Arithmetic Example of Proof Subspaces Semantics
[The Main Morphisms] [Peano and Heyting Arithmetic] [Example of Proof] [Subspaces Semantics]
The Interview of the Sound UM G, G*, and the SOL Morphism S4Grz Physics and Physical Sensations
[The Interview of the Sound UM] [G, G*, and the SOL Morphism] [S4Grz] [Physics and Physical Sensations]