Patagonia is the place I was born, it is a part of me and I'm part of it. Beautiful Patagonia.

It has never been easy in this corner of the world, the history of Patagonia is full of hardship.
Before the arrival of europeans to America, Patagonia was inhabited by different groups of native people, hunters and fishermans. These phenomenal people made of these lands their home thousands of years ago and were able to survive in the difficult conditions of the region. Nowadays we know very few about them. When "colonization" started, the newly arrived brought sheeps. Like the rest of the animals in the land, sheeps were hunted by the native, for them there was not such thing as private property. The story ends in one of the most silent genocides in history.

Selknam playa 1930.jpg
«Selknam playa 1930» por Desconocido - Disponible bajo la licencia Dominio público vía Wikimedia Commons.