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Visiting - Master students, PhD students, Post-Docs

A number of resources need to be "activated" in order to begin to work in IRIDIA.

  • You need to provide two recent pictures of you (also in electronic format) for your student card and insurance and give them to Muriel Decreton.
    The student card will allow you to have a reduced price in the ULB cantine, as well as cinemas and other places advertising discounts for students.
  • You will need an entry in the IRIDIA people page.
    Contact the administrator of the people page (currently Dhananjay Ipparthi, he will need your personal information a picture and a link to your home page).
    If you will have a permanent position, make sure you have a page on the iridia web server first.
  • If you need an account on the cluster, please contact the system administrators of IRIDIA's cluster (currently Federico Pagnozzi and Alberto Franzin). For all communications related to the cluster (requesting an account, reporting issues, etc) write ONLY to cluster_admins at iridia.ulb.ac.be. Any mail about cluster matters sent to the personal or institutional accounts of the cluster admins will be ignored. More info about the cluster can be found here.
  • You have to subscribe to the following IRIDIA mailing lists [1] :
    • Guests (if you are a visitor or a master student doing your thesis at IRIDIA)
    • Optimization Group (if your domain of research is optimization)
    • Robotics Group (if your domain of research is Robotics)
    • Seminars (to receive information about talks and seminars being held at IRIDIA)
  • You are also encouraged to apply for a membership to the iridians mailing list, where you will be kept posted about dinners and other events we might organise. :-) You are more than welcome to propose events!

In this and this page you can find general information about living in Bruxelles (where to search for a flat, French courses, bureaucracy etc.)

For further questions contact Federico Pagnozzi.

PhD students and Post-Docs only

  • WEB server space and email@iridia.ulb.ac.be.
    Contact the IRIDIA web server administrator (currently Volker Strobel).
  • Static IP address (i.e., wired Ethernet connection).
    Write an email to the IRIDIA web server administrator (currently Volker Strobel) with the following information:
    • the MAC address of your wired Ethernet device,
    • the "type" of your computer (e.g., private laptop, IRIDIA desktop PC,...),
    • for how long you probably need to have the wired connection.
  • Account on the BACKUP server.
    Contact the system administrator of the IRIDIA's backup server (currently Alberto Franzin).
  • If you are supposed to have the key of the robotic lab (arena), Mauro Birattari can provide you a copy of the key.
  • For an account on the IRIDIA Wiki, contact the responsible (currently Alberto Franzin).
  • You can subscribe to the following two mailing lists:
    • Staff (if you are a new phd student or postdoc)
    • PhD Students(if you are a new phd student)
  • In this page you can find useful information concerning the configuration of email, printers etc.

If you work at IRIDIA for a longer period of time, probably you want also an email @ulb.ac.be. For registering you will need an "Enrollment number" and a "PIN-code/Numéro de lecteur". You can find them on your ULB card. Once you activate the account you can manage your account, access the intranet, and your webmail.


1. ^ a In order not to be submerged by spam, most of the lists accept posts only from email addresses that are in the subscribers list... meaning that if you subscribed to the Staff list with the address xxx@iridia.ulb.ac.be and try to send a message from your other addresses xxx@ulb.ac.be or xyz@gmail.com they will be discarded by the system.
If you have experienced such a problem, or want to be allowed to post from your other addresses, please contact the list owner providing the list of addresses to be added to the "white-list".

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