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  1. Community. Keep everyone updated as to what other work is going on in the lab
  2. Research. Cross germination. Get feedback. Get help on problems. Get ideas.
  3. Admin. Lab administration.


  1. Iridia Administration (0 - 15 mins)
  2. Presentation & Discussion (30 - 50 mins)
    • Work you have been doing
    • Reading you have been doing in the context of your work
    • Other reading on something you are passionate about
  3. Robotics Group Administration (0 - 15 mins)

Try and make your session as involving as possible for everyone:

  • Send round material to be read beforehand.
  • Ask people before the meeting what aspects of your work / reading they would like to know about or discuss.
  • Think about implications of what you are presenting for the research direction of the lab as a whole - methodologies, technologies etc.

Timing & Attendance

The weekly meetings ALWAYS take place on

Wednesdays at 14.30


  • A given Wednesday is a public holiday, or
  • Something very important (like a Ph.D. defense) is overlapping.

If either should happen the meeting is postponed to the next day.

Please indicate on this wiki page if you are not going to be able to attend a meeting (no later than the Friday before).

If you forget to note your absence in advance you will be severely punished and will be forced to buy a nice, big cake for the following meeting.

Previous Meetings

See Minutes and agendas from previous meetings.

Wednesday 9th November - Federico


  1. Presentation / Discussion
    • ER approach for real world apllication: reference framework for vehicle controller
    • Some requirements in my navigation task: patrolling, collision avoidance, obstacle avoidance
    • Multirobot context: testing the Quinn experiment. Simulation and results with real s-bots
    • Discussion/feedback on tools/approaches selected and on future work
  2. Robotics Group Admin
    • Arena camera
    • Common interface
    • OMiss and 2D kinematics

Reading material

  1. Reference for my simulator benchmarking: the Quinn experiment @ Sussex (pdf)
  2. Reference for automotive navigation usign evolutionary approach (pdf)

People who will be absent


Wednesday 16th November - Elio


  1. IRIDIA Admin
  2. Presentation / Discussion
    • Title: General, Universal, even worst Global: I'm against, better ANTI-.

The talk is meant to be a brief introduction mixed with some personal conclusions concerning the Theory of Direct Perception and its significance in the domain of Evolutionary Robotics.

  1. Robotics Group Admin

Reading material

  • None for the moment, I am happy to suggest you some readings if you feel interested in what I will talk about.

People who will be absent

Marco, Federico

Things we should talk about

  • we should use templeet in the wiki to make it run faster

Wednesday 23rd November - Christos


  1. IRIDIA Admin
  2. Presentation / Discussion
  3. Robotics Group Admin

Reading material

People who will be absent

Ciro (holiday --> no cake, but maybe a havana cigar...)

Wednesday 30th November - Roderich


  1. IRIDIA Admin
  2. Presentation / Discussion
  3. Robotics Group Admin

Reading material

People who will be absent

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