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So the Wiki for IRIDIA is up and running!


Currently there are two articles:

  1. Moving to Brussels - Information on transport, short- and long-term accommodation, inscription etc.
  2. Workstation configuration - How to setup your personal workstation and laptop, printers, etc.

Adding information

A Wiki is an excellent tool to maintain dynamic information. If you want to add something to this Wiki feel very free contact the system administrator and get an account. It is straight-forward to add and change the information in MediaWiki. Simply press edit on the top of this page to see how it was done. If you create a link to a non-existing page within this Wiki you can create that page. Pictures and documents (pdf and ps files allowed for the moment) have to be uploaded before they can be used on pages.

For more information on the Wiki mark-up language see When you become good at it, you can make cool looking pages.

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