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<h1>Weekly meetings</h1>
* [ Swarm robotics for planetary exploration] (Nasa dreams) - Swarm robotics may have advantages over the traditionnal approach for planetary exploration...
* [ Ethics for the Robot Age] (Wired article) - Should robots be humanoid? Should humans become robots? Should robots excrete byproducts? Should robots eat?
[[Weekly meetings schedule]]
* [ Robot makers say World Cup will be theirs by 2050] (Scotsman News) - Japanese robotics experts claim robots will beat humans at football by 2050. Keio University of Tokyo recent winners of robot world cup in Lisbon. New robot, VisiON, stands 38cm tall and operates independently of humans.
* [ Toward a More Human Robot] (BusinessWeek article) - Interview with Takeo Kanade. As director of '''Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute''' from 1992 to 2001, Takeo Kanade has been one of the pioneers in the field of robotics. On the future of robotics, the US research situation and playfulness.
* [ Japanese robot to chat lonely elderly out of senility] (Yahoo News) - Japan's growing elderly population from will be able to buy companionship in the form of a 45-centimeter (18-inch) robot, programmed to provide just enough small talk to keep them from going senile.
* [ Army to deploy robots that shoot] ( article) - Next year, the U.S. Army will give robots machine guns, although humans will firmly be in control of them.
[ Read more news on]
[ Read more news on]

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General Information

  • Moving to Brussels - What you need to know for moving to Brussels (housing, transport, health care, etc.).
  • Surviving in Brussels - French lessons, cultural events, etc.
  • University Administration - (IMPORTANT!) The what, the where and the how of navigating university bureaucracy - inscription, regulations etc.
  • For students visiting IRIDIA - Information for students coming to IRIDIA in the framework of exchange programs or bilateral agreements.
  • Funding - Information on getting funding for projects, scholarships and unemployment benefits in Belgium once the Ph.D. grant runs out.

Software and Hardware

See all Software HOWTOs

The Swarmbots Project

The main gripper of an SBOT

Weekly meetings

Weekly meetings schedule


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