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This page contains a list of items which still need to be done on the cluster.

  • There is a random error when installing the clients in the rack with FAI. The clients start to output a lot of things on screen, but unfortunately they scroll to fast to be read. I could not find any way to block them.
  • A daemon that checks the status of the UPS should be installed on both majorana and polyphemus.
  • Install Ganglia to monitor the usage of the cluster via web.
  • Make the configuration of the package on the diskless and on the rack more similar. At the moment FAI takes care only of modifing the important configuation files in /etc.
  • Use one repository for the configuation of those packaged which use debconf. I found out that this program can be used to access configuration DBs also shared via NFS of querying a LDAP server.
  • Install LDAP instead of NIS (only if it is better).
  • Install a new version of Sun Grid Engine (or something else).
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