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This page will list all the necessary steps you should take before starting to work on the Demiurge project.


Set up your working environment

  • Activate all resources as described on this page, if you not have done so already.
    • TODO What is most important of these steps?
  • Set up your workstation (see this page for more details)
  • Send your github account name to the Demiurge repository administrator (at the moment Ken)
    • He will add you to the demiurge-project organization so that you can see the private development repositories
    • Development rules for the github repositories: TODO
  • Get yourself added to the Demiurge Whatsapp group
  • Give your e-mail address to Mauro, he will add you to the Demiurge mailing list
  • Install argos (TODO Instructions)
    • Problems that I have encountered: When installing argos the library path was not set properly (solution add line manually to
  • Install AutoMoDe (TODO Instructions)
    • Problems that I have encountered: Lua.h couldn't be found (solution move lua headers from /usr/include/lua5.x/ to /usr/include/)

Important paper to read

Useful pages to bookmark

People working on the project

  • TODO

Resources depending on your area of expertise

  • TODO
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