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Equivalence of PhDs (Doctorat)

External information about equivalence of PhDs in the ULB [ English Google Translation ]

Master Degree equivalence

To anyone who wants to use the informations in this archive to apply for an equivalence of diploma in Belgium ...

First : the equivalence is delivered by the CFWB (communaute francaise wallone de belgique).

On their website, the sole information I was able to find is : http://www.enseignement.be/prof/espaces/sup/naric/Organigramme_equivalences_sup_juin_2005-1.xls

This is the list of people in charge of communicating with you, categorized by type of diploma.

If you are from computer science, you will probably interact with Philippe Polet. His email is : philippe.polet@cfwb.be

You have to contact CFWB and ask a instructions for equivalence. You will receive the file INSTRUCTIONS_UNIV.doc or an updated version.

The file inventaire.odt contains the list of all things you should send them back, that is :

  • a motivation letter (see the directory motivation for an example)
  • the list of all what you submit to them
  • a copie of an official document stating your identity (a photocopy of your ID card or passport is ok)
  • copies of all the diplomas (bachelor and master) you received from universities - NOTE: this has to be translated in French by a sworn translator (see later)
  • copies of the list of the grades received (bachelor and master) - NOTE: this as well has to be translated in French by a sworn translator (see later)
  • the original, official and detailed program of your courses. This should be given for each year, in original language. It must comprise at least a title for each course, a description and the amount of time (in hours). If the program is not in french you should also provide a of the main facts (title of the courses, amount of time, year, university) in French. You don't need to have this translated by a sworn translator, you can do this by yourself. If you are lucky somebody coming from your university already did part of the work, so ask around.
  • a simple copy the master thesis you wrote in the original language. If it is not in French you need to attach a summary of one or two pages in French.
  • a copy of all the internships you made (if you have any official document, join a copy too).
  • the form page 7 present in the instructions (see formulaire_equivalence.odt). Of course the form should be filled properly. If you don't understand french, ask to a french speaking guy. If this is still not clear, ask for clarifications to somebody of the cfwb, Mr Philippe Polet for instance or to somebody that has already done it.
  • a CV in french
  • a proof that you have paid 124 euros (the amount may change with time) to the cfwb. Informations on who to pay are provided within the instructions file. The bank account extract is enough, but to be on the safe side ask your bank for an official proof.

This is most of it.

Last advices :

  • Be patient with people from CFWB, they are sometimes a bit slow but it does not help to get angry.
  • The most difficult part is probably to gather certified copies of all your mark sheets, and to find back the official programs of your courses. If you are from Politecnico di Milano you can easily find these info on the webpoliself
  • If you are not french speaking, translations may be costly. Try to have french friends (At least for some days...)
  • For the official translation, you can contact
  Paul Janssens, Av. Louise 146/B-1050 Brussels
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