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Reach consensus: What is the most frequent color?


  • Noise
  • Asynchronicity
  • Stochasticity
  • Absence of global information/trusted third parties
  • AND malicious intruders/failing sensors


  • Define initial swarm (e.g., 10 trusted members)
  • Each robot has initial opinion (one of the colors)
  • Robots move arbitrarily on the map
  • Robots have three functions: Sense, disseminate, receive


Q: Why would the robots keep the blockchain running?

  • While the incentive to keep the blockchain running among human participants is getting new tokens that have value and guaranteeing the security of existing token, the incentive in a blockchain based on robot participants is more indirect:
    • the robots belong to a person or organization that benefits from the token
    • the robots perform a mission that is useful for someone

Therefore, we can assume that at least some of the robots are programmed to do the right thing

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