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Previous administration meeting

Thursday 15th December


  • New Wiki pages
  • New conferences
  • Christos: There is 40 EUR left from the coffee machine contribution, let's discuss how to spend this money, one idea is we buy some common lab coffee which we can all use, or even to buy a couple of cakes would not be a bad idea. Lets discuss this cause in there there's ~1.9 e from everybody!
  • Max: Issues with NFS on the IRIDIA Cluster.
    • The solution adopted by Prasanna for his experiments relieves some "stress" from the harddrive (bottleneck for NFS).
  • Max: Memory for the nodes of IRIDIA Cluster.
    • I have installed on r17 4*512MB and on r04 8*256MB. Some quick test seems to show some small difference in performance.
  • Rodi: Policy for IRIDIA Tech Report
  • Marco/Mauro: Backup databases
  • Anders: Coffee machine and decalcification?

People who will be absent


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