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(Thursday 15th December)
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==Wednesday 9th November==
[[Previous administration meeting]]
* Timing of these administration meetings
* Career development plans and the technology (Alex)
* Upcoming conferences
* New wiki-pages
* Coffee machine
* Misc
'''''People who will be absent'''''
* Administration meetings have been moved to '''Thursdays 10h30'''
* ''Online career development plans:'' Alex is going to present the technology next meeting
* ''New Wiki pages:''
** [[Robotics and AI conferences, journals and impact factors]]
* ''Coffee machine:'' Marco is going to check prices at Illy and next meeting we are going to vote on which machine to buy
==Thursday 17th November==
* Alex : make the wiki faster : how ? software / hardware solutions ?
* Alex : security is never perfect... do we have a daily backup of the database (ie all wiki contents) ?
* Marco Dorigo (MD): I would like to discuss the "duration" of MEETOPT and MEETROBOTS meetings.
It seems to me that we should set a firm limit to the talk and discussion parts. May be 30 min each?
* MD: Time change for MEETADMIN of Dec 8, 2005
* MD: People should identify themselves when producing items in this list
* Usage policy for HD space on the rack/cluster
* Online career development plan
* Coffee machine: This time we will choose which one to buy
* IRIDIA Christmas dinner
* IRIDIA lab webpage - It is not reall necessary to discuss this point as it is already in the works since long (but before we work on it we need to have the database ready and filled, which will take a few weeks more) and it will be finalised sooner or later!
* New conferences
* New Wiki pages
* Misc
'''''People who will be absent'''''
N/A <br><br>
* '''Faster Wiki''': We are in the process of buying new hardware, that should solve the problem.
* '''Wiki Security'': Security and network infrastructure is changing, backups, security, etc. are getting reviewed and reimplemented.
* '''Duration of weekly meetings'': 30 mins for presentation, 30 mins for discussion MAXIMUM. Will be enforced.
* '''Schedule change''': 8th of Dec. the admin meeting will begin at 10h00 instead of 10h30, due to a clash with a lecture.
* '''Rack HD space policy''': If the free disk space becomes less than a certain threshhold, a mail is sent to all containing statistics on who is (ab)using all the space. A mail is sent monthly to everyone listing who is using how much. In case this does not work quotes will be implemented.
** Max: I have implemented two cron jobs on majorana: the first check every hour if the available space is less than 30% and in case send an email to all_AT_iridia, the second is the monthly report on the status of the used space sent by email to all_AT_iridia.
* '''On line career development plan''': Go to the [[StudentsIRIDIA]] page and fill out your career development plan. Currently, the pages are public, but soon this should change (Alex + Anders).
* '''Coffee machine''': We are going to buy an Illy Classic - lab pays 500 EUR the students pay 20 EUR each (Christos is responsible).
* '''Lab webpage''': Currently work is being done on it - DB should be ready around New Years and then content has to be filled in.
* '''New Conferences''':
** See [[Robotics and AI conferences, journals and impact factors]]
* '''New Wiki Pages''':
** [[StudentsIRIDIA]]
==Thursday 24th November==
* New Wiki Pages
* New Conferences
* Rodi: Memory Extension for the Rack and Marco: New rack's memory?
* Anders: Business cards
* Marco: changes in IRIDIA logical positioning within ULB
* Alex : database problems. I asked some info to Halva on backup, but at the moment everything is fuzzy.
* Alex : I think it would be nice to setup a wiki page with all the seminars held in Brussels. I am sure we miss many nice opportunities.
* Misc
** Paola's and Christos' dinner and party
** Christos: Coffee machine payment
* Anders: How to use the new coffee machine
* '''New Wiki Pages''':
** [[Working late | Pizza]]
** [[Seminars]]
* '''New Conferences''': None.
* '''Rodi: Memory Extension for the Rack and Marco: New rack's memory?'''
** Try to upgrade one node and if it works, upgrade the rest.
* '''Anders: Business cards'''
** MD is going to check prices.
* '''Marco: changes in IRIDIA logical positioning within ULB'''
** Reorganization within the ULB might result in IRIDIA being merged with two other labs. More will be known in January.
* '''Alex : database problems'''
** Alex is trying to repair the DB.
* '''Wiki page on all the seminars held in Brussels''':
** Please update the page when you hear about seminars, or add links to pages with seminars to the [[Seminars]] Wiki-page.
==Thursday 1st December -- CANCELLED!==
'''''People who will be absent'''''
Alex -> attending a symposium in Paris
==Thursday 8th December -- CANCELLED ==
'''''People who will be absent'''''
Marco: I am currently in Dublin ...
==Thursday 15th December ==
==Thursday 15th December ==

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Previous administration meeting

Thursday 15th December


  • New Wiki pages
  • New conferences
  • Christos: There is 40 EUR left from the coffee machine contribution, let's discuss how to spend this money, one idea is we buy some common lab coffee which we can all use, or even to buy a couple of cakes would not be a bad idea. Lets discuss this cause in there there's ~1.9 e from everybody!
  • Max: Issues with NFS on the IRIDIA Cluster.
    • The solution adopted by Prasanna for his experiments relieves some "stress" from the harddrive (bottleneck for NFS).
  • Max: Memory for the nodes of IRIDIA Cluster.
    • I have installed on r17 4*512MB and on r04 8*256MB. Some quick test seems to show some small difference in performance.
  • Rodi: Policy for IRIDIA Tech Report
  • Marco/Mauro: Backup databases
  • Anders: Coffee machine and decalcification?

People who will be absent


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