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The theology of numbers
Bruno Marchal


We will first sum up the talk I made on the "Universal Dovetailer Argument" (UDA) last year, which shows that physics is reduced to a statistics of machine experiences or dreams once we postulate the digital mechanist hypothesis in the cognitive science. Then we sum up the last talk on machine self-reproduction. This gives the tools to translate the UDA in arithmetic. This leads to an entire machine or number theology, in Plato sense, which we show to be testable, as it implies the logic of the observable which can be compared to the logic of the observable inferred by the actual observation of the universe. We will explain briefly that those logics fits very well together thanks to the quantum effects, which are shown by the UDA to be deducible from the Mechanist hypothesis in the cognitive science. Those having missed the talk on the UDA can see them here: &


First Person Indeterminacy, Universal Dovetailer, Mind Body problem, Church's Thesis, Universal Machine, Provability


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