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Energy, Robotics and Control: R & D in Robolabo
Alvaro Gutierrez


In this presentation I will introduce ongoing research and development at Robolabo. Robolabo is a small lab located at ETSI Telecomunicación, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain. The presentation will be divided in research and development and will be spread in the three main topics of the lab: Energy, Robotics and Control, all of them from an artificial intelligent and control system point of view. Energy will focus on the application of coupled oscillators and swarm intelligence on the aggregated energy demand curve as well as a neural network approach. Robotics will discuss some new ideas for the building of a new mobile robot for swarm robotics and the development of some manipulators for rehabilitation. Control will focus on a just started rehabilitation project, which combines haptics, virtual reality and control systems for neurorehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries.


energy, demand-side management, haptic robot, assist-as-needed, coupled oscillators, task allocation