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Automated real-time control of self-assembly at macro- and microscale
Massimo Mastrangeli
Bio, Electro And Mechanical Systems (BEAMS)
École Polytechnique, Université Libre de Bruxelles


Self-assembly and aggregation are fundamental tasks in distributed robotics. They are commonly performed either through active agents instructed with sets of local rules of interaction or through shape-matching passive agents under external random agitation. In this talk I will present an alternative, closed-loop control approach to the self-assembly of passive agents based on real-time analysis of agent trajectories and control of global boundary conditions. Two platforms for fluidic self-assembly of respectively macro- and microscopic agents will be contextually described to demonstrate the validity of the approach across physical scales. A conceptual framework encompassing the works in a broader perspective will be finally outlined.


self-assembly, closed-loop control, passive agents, distributed systems, optical tracking, fluidics