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Swarming and multi-robot systems: past, present and future.
Dr. Jan Carlo Barca
Monash University


Techniques that enable groups of agents to coordinate their behaviour and cooperate to accomplish tasks are currently being invented by a number of talented people worldwide due to their wide range of potential application areas. I will begin by briefly discussing the concept of swarming, with an emphasis on human swarming throughout history. In particular, how prominent personas such as Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great made use of swarming principles in their efforts to shape their environments. I will then describe swarm and multi-robot projects carried out in the Wireless Sensors and Networked Robotics Laboratory and the newly established Monash Swarm Robotics Laboratory in Australia. Projects that will be discussed include formation control, target search, encapsulation, Multi-robot SLAM, ground moving and flying robots.


Swarming in history, Swarm robotics, Multi-robot systems, Ground moving robots, Flying robots