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Complex dynamics for the emergence of Swarm Intelligence.
Alessandra Vitanza
Università di Catania


Based on the results obtained during the SPARK I-II project, one of the main aims of the phD. project is the study of the emergence of cooperation among a colony of robots. In particular, the aim is to demonstrate how a group of robots, each one equipped with an independent control system, thanks to the flexibility of the architecture, can show collective behaviours. To support different kinds of robots and robotic applications a software architecture for simulating and controlling mobile robots has been realized, with the idea to furnish a software architecture with modular organization, identifying an adaptive structure for rapid development of reusable components. This aim is facilitated by the modular peculiarity of the architecture, that permits to add, remove or modify modules without radical changes. Finally, a simulation tool was designed to allow the investigation and development of bio-inspired behaviors in robotic scenarios where performance and accuracy are necessary prerequisites.


swarm robotic applications, cooperative algorithms, bio-robotics