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Emergent Engineering for the Management of Complex Situations
Mihaela Ulieru
IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy
Professor and Director
Adaptive Risk Management Lab


While signaling that time is ripe to re-think systems and software engineering to find appropriate methods for managing the magnitude of scale and complexity of these new kind of large scale systems and infrastructures - we tackle the radical shift of paradigm in (systems and software) engineering and introduce a methodological framework for deploying CPE using the latest knowledge of complexity science. We unravel an 'eNetwork DNA' and put it to work similarly to how DNA molds the fundamental cells in natural systems such that they can evolve to accommodate gradual or abrupt change in the environment or internal operating conditions. Various applications will be presented among which: disaster response through deployment of holistic security ecosystems, green electricity generation and distribution, pandemic mitigation, networked transportation and manufacturing, environmental monitoring and sustainability assessment.


emergent engineering, bottom-up self-organization, e-Network DNA, large scale distributed systems, design-by-emergence, adaptive blueprint


  1. Mihaela Ulieru and Rene Doursat. (2011) Emergent Engineering, A Radical paradigm Shift, International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communication Systems, 4(1):39-58. Other publications available on my website.