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Human machine communication through emotions and sign language.
Roman Miletitch
IRIT : Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse
118 Route de Narbonne,
Toulouse, France


During this seminar, I will present you three of my past works : one on emotions, and two on sign language, where the common denominator was finding ways for the computer to have a more natural communication with humans. First I'll talk about my work on narration and emotions. The aim was to construct a full story from a simple scenario ( a skeleton made of events descriptors) using simple natural language processing and social and emotional algorithms. Then I'll briefly present what I did in the GestualScript laboratory on Sign Language (photographic processing, and motion tracking). I'll finish by presenting my current work -still in progress- at IRIT on an architecture enabling an avatar and a human to communicate through sign language with heavy use of the context.


Emotion, Narration, Sign Language, Image processing