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Introduction to scheduling: Problems, Algorithms and Applications.
Ruben Ruiz
Instituto Tecnologico de Informatica - ITI
Dept. of Applied Statistics, Operations Research and Quality
Polytechnic University of Valencia, SPAIN


In this talk, we will give an introduction to the broad field of scheduling. Scheduling is mainly concerned with the sequencing and allocation of tasks to limited resources. Scheduling finds applications in may different fields like manufacturing, services and health care among others. We will characterize and classify the different scheduling scenarios, problems and constraints. Special care will be given to the different optimization criteria used in the field as well as to the nature of the solutions to the problems or "schedules". Next, successful algorithm implementations for some typical scheduling scenarios will be introduced and commented. These examples include simple heuristics, genetic algorithms, and advanced local search methods. The talk concludes with a demonstration of practical applications and software currently employed by our industrial collaborators.