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Computationalism and Greek Theology
Bruno Marchal


After years of research I have eventually find the name of the field I am working in, it is called "theology". I will explain why the word "theology", introduced by Plato, has lost his original meaning for mainly contingent reasons, since about 500 A.D. After, I will concentrate on a purely number theoretical interpretation of Plotinus' (about 250 A.D.) "hypostases" (general notion of "person"). I will explain how the computationalist hypothesis in the cognitive sciences makes it possible to derive an arithmetical interpretation of Plotinus theory of matter which is itself a (neo)platonist correction of Aristotle's proposals. I will then show how quantum computer science makes such a theory empirically testable, and I will discuss some already tested assertions.


Number, Plato, Plotinus, Computationalism, Quantum, Hypostase