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Behaviour as a Complex Adaptive System: Coordinated Behaviours and the Emergence of Simple Communication Forms
Stefano Nolfi
Laboratory of Autonomous Robots and Artificial Life
Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies


The complex system nature of behaviour derives from the fact that behaviour and behavioural properties are phenomena occurring at a given time scale resulting from several non-linear interactions occurring at a smaller time scale. Moreover, the complex system nature of behaviour result from: (a) the fact that behaviour typically displays a hierarchical organization in which the interaction between forms of behaviour at a given level of organization resulting from interactions, occurring at a lower level of organization, lead to higher level properties, and (b) the fact that not high level properties affect lower level properties. These aspects will be illustrated by analysing two concrete examples in which a population of mobile robots, evolved for the ability to solve cooperative problems, develop an ability to display coherent behaviours and to coordinate on the basis of a simple communication system.


Cooperative robotics, Complex systems