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An Engineering Approach to Shape-Space - Making the Most of Artificial Immune Systems
Emma Hart
Napier University


The field of Artificial Immune Systems has demonstrated significant advances over the last decade resulting in systems which have been applied to a diverse range of scenarios, including for example intrusion detection, optimisation, data-mining and condition monitoring. These diverse application areas have been tackled using an equally diverse range of immune-inspired techniques. However, appraisal of these successes should be tempered somewhat by the facts that: 1) The algorithms are based on very naive extraction of immune metaphors 2) there is generally little theoretical justification to support any of the proposed algorithms, and 3) there is a lack of understanding of which techniques are appropriate in which situations. This talk describes an attempt to redress the balance by taking a "back-to-basics" approach. We implement a visual simulator to investigate the role that is played by shape-space, a key ingredient of any immune metaphor. By providing a simple way to manipulate shape-space and its parameters and understand the effects of such manipulations, we begin to build an understanding of how as engineers, we can really exploit immune-algorithms by specifically tailoring them to our own applications.


Artificial Immune Systems