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The SWARM-BOTS project
Vito Trianni
IRIDIA - Université Libre de Bruxelles
CP 194/6, av. F. Roosevelt, 50
1050 Bruxelles, Belgium


This seminar provides an overview of the SWARM-BOTS project, a robotic project sponsored by the Future and Emerging Technologies program of the European Community (IST-2000-31010). The seminar illustrates the robot hardware, and the results of experimental works in which distributed adaptive controllers are designed to allow the agents to perform a variety of tasks which require cooperation and coordination among the members of a group.


Swarm-bot, Swarm Intelligence, Evolutionary Robotics


  1. M. Dorigo, E. Tuci, R. Gross, V. Trianni, T. H. Labella, S. Nouyan, J.-L. Deneubourg, G. Baldassarre, S. Nolfi, F. Mondada, D. Floreano, and L. M. Gambardella. (2004) The SWARM-BOTS project. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Swarm Robotics (SAB 2004). In press.